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Gazpacho Bookeria

Cold tomato soup, gin, cucumber, pimento


Dense shrimp soup

Cold appetizers

White fish carpaccio

White fish, orange, sauce made of honey, lemon, orange and olive oil, chia caviar


Tuna especial

Marinated roasted tuna with Havana Especial rum and herbs, vacuum cooked, poached pear in white wine and thyme, sauce made with Samobor mustard, white wine and olive oil


Conger and European Lobster

Poached conger meat, sea algae, Murano lobster, glasswort and cherry tomato salad


Smoked fish quartet

Smoked swordfish, smoked tuna, smoked Adriatic sardines, smoked Adriatic mussels, homegrown dehydrated cherry tomatoes, seasonal leaf salad


Octopus salad

Cooked octopus, cherry tomatoes, cooked potatoes, paprika, fennel, capers, black olives, parsley, spiced with cherry vinegar and olive oil emulsion


Boškarin carpaccio

Istrian cattle meat filet, onion jam, dried apricots and toasted pine nuts, sauce made of Samobor mustard, white wine and olive oil


Prosciutto and pear

Istrian prosciutto, fresh pear salad, seasonal green salad, dressing made of honey, lemon and olive oil, homemade Istrian cow cheese


Cheese and fruit

5 varieties of cheese, dry and core fruit, grapes

Hot appetizers

Scallops and beetroot

Sautéed scallops on caramel butter, avocado cream, beetroot sous vide glazed with honey and cherry vinegar, green apple


Tortellini with lobster and crabs

Tortellini filled with lobster and crab meat, sauce made of sparkling wine, emery, garlic, fresh chilly, capers, cherry tomatoes and thyme


Ravioli with scallops

Ravioli filled with scallops, sauce made of emery, herbs and mascarpone cheese with scallops


Homemade lasagna with shrimps

Homemade lasagna, shrimps, garlic, cherry tomatoes, fennel, arugula, tomato sauce


Homemade noodles with mussels

Homemade noodles, fresh mussels, smoked mussels, chilly, garlic, emery, cherry tomatoes, parsley, white wine


Cuttlefish stew

Polenta, cuttlefish sauce with carrots and potatoes


Prickly risotto

Risotto made with sea urchins, glasswort, homemade dehydrated tomatoes and mint

Daily catch of fish

Green & White

White fish filet sautéed on aromatized butter, potatoes cream with thyme, spinach on white wine with curcuma and toasted pine nuts, green apple


Fish in paper

White fish roasted in paper, young potatoes, carrots, celery, leek, fennel, coriander seeds, smoked red paprika, sauce made of sparkling wine and roast gravy


Tuna libre

Marinated roasted tuna with Havana Especial rum and rosemary, avocado cream, sautéed tomatoes, capers


Fish in pastry

White fish filet in puff pastry with zucchini, leek, paprika and tomatoes, cold beetroot cream


Clams à la „buzara“

Mix of 5 varieties of clams in a piquant sauce made of wine and curcuma


Scampi à la „buzara“

Scampi in buzara with tomato, basil and cognac sauce


Plate "Bookeria"

Fish plate for 2 persons, daily catch of fish, tuna steak, buzara made of clams and shrimps, Mediterranean vegetable mix

Meat dishes

Beefsteak "Roasty"

Beefsteak roasted on caramel butter, potato cream with thyme, beetroot sous vide, red wine sauce


Turkey "PiT"

Turkey stake with garam masala, baked parmesan polenta, broad beans crème, quail egg


Minute beef

Beef filet, piquant color mix of vegetables with garlic and olive oil, arugula


Scottish ribeye "Book"

Ribeye 300 g, baked cauliflower with noble cheese, sautéed oyster mushrooms, chef's butter


Forest risotto

Risotto with truffles, pine nuts and arugula


Super nutritive salad

Lentil, chickpeas, quinoa, black rice, bulgur wheat, broccoli, beetroot, avocado, fennel, parley, mint, skuta cheese, Cherry Vinaigrette sauce


Simple salads

Crunchy slow salad

(carrot, radish, beetroot)


Arugula and parmesan salad

(arugula, parmesan, lemon peel, lemon juice, olive oil)


Green beans salad

(green beans, garlic, apple vinegar, olive oil)

Side dishes

Piquant color mix


Baked cauliflower


Mediterranean potato


Vegetable mix


Green soufflé

Soufflé made of pistachios with basil ice cream



Chocolate soufflé with tangerine sorbet


Pistachio truffle


Cake of the day

A peaceful setting and a pleasant ambience of our Restaurant Bookeria provides you with an opportunity to enjoy various specialties surrounded by your family or friends.

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