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Restoran Bookeria

A peaceful setting and a pleasant ambience of our Restaurant Bookeria provides you with an opportunity to enjoy various specialties surrounded by your family or friends. We always do our best to adapt to different tastes and wishes of all our guests.

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Breakfast Rovinj

Tartar od jadranske skuše

Take a break from the busy lifestyle and start your day with breakfast in our Restaurant Bookeria. Fresh ingredients and a glass of freshly squeezed juice makes for a perfect beginning of the day.

With the excellent gastro offer based on traditional Mediterranean delicacies we try our best to be the perfect choice for you. We always put our guest's satisfaction first, therefore our employees have a specific approach to each guest, assisting them to choose between the dishes.

Restaurant Bookeria is a great choice for lunch after a long day at work, as well as for a romantic and pleasant dinner with a fish menu and a glass of wine.

Café bar Rovinj

Dark beverage is the most favorite thing to start a day with for millions of people around the globe. Fine coffee is a synonym for socializing and chatting with your friends, and it's also an unavoidable part of everyday routine. Therefore, it's important that the coffee is top quality, and that's exactly what you can taste at the café bar in our Bookeria restaurant.

Produced from high-quality raw material which comes from a domestic producer, this coffee has a unique and special flavor which every coffee lover should get a taste of.


While enjoying a glass of wine or a fine coffee, you can also list through cookbooks and pick one of our handmade products.

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Caffe bar

About Us

In 1947 we opened first bookstores in Istria.

Throughout the years we nurtured our love towards books.

Among other things, there were always many Croatian cookbooks on the shelves.

We decided to share those flavors with you and enjoy unique gastro pleasures.

Bon appetite!

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Chef Lidia