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Menu inspired by autumn flavors

October 3, 2019

Autumn is truly the most luxurious season of them all – beautiful colors perfectly balanced, the texture of leaves that crackle at a slight pace, as well as the smell of chestnuts, rains and the first-morning cold – autumn certainly has its charm that can not only be found in nature! Autumn can also be found in every corner of gastronomy where equally luxurious attributes reign!

Bookeria Restaurant has certainly adapted to this season, and that is precisely what inspired and sumptuous their menu! The flavors of autumn are perfectly balanced with the autumn idyll that seduces you as soon as you step outside your home. This special edition menu is created precisely with an emphasis on autumn luxury – a variety of cold and warm appetizers which aromas complement these autumn days, an irresistible main course that emphasizes the balance between the beauty of nature and gastronomy, as well as various desserts that sweeten all the flavors already tasted – all of the above is connected with the note of autumn splendor in taste, colors, texture and aroma. Meat or fish courses – seafood or sea bass fillet, pistachio tuna, chicken breast and boned chicken drumstick and risotto – these are the main dishes that certainly complement already flavored appetizers such as Adriatic mackerel, Istrian plate, chestnut soup with fresh truffles and capesante or maybe ravioli with prawn meat and shrimp. The mentioned menu is definitely created with attention to the balance of flavors and aromas, as well as to connect the nuances between the entree and the main course. Of course, desserts are equally sumptuous – apple and plum crumble, chestnut crème brulee and choco souffle.

This special edition menu is completely inspired by the flavors of autumn, as well as extolling its splendor, which is why it is often called the most beautiful season! To embark on a true autumn gastronomic adventure, head to the Bookeria Restaurant where a truly special menu awaits you to experience all the splendor of autumn!