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Bookeria Restaurant – an unusual and unique blend of gastronomy and books

September 26, 2019

Books offer an escape from reality. They evoke new places, worlds and dimensions, new colors, flavors and aromas and they make it so realistic that you can’t help but wonder – is there any similar place in our reality? Of course there is! Bookeria Restaurant is an unusual and unique combination of a restaurant and bookstore, which means that it offers you new places, worlds and dimensions through various books, and new colors, flavors and aromas through its creative and rich gastronomic plates!

The design and decoration of the restaurant are reminiscent of a new and mysterious place where various wonders await you, in this case – sesame tuna, octopus carpaccio, celery baked in salt and pistachio soufflé with ice cream – which is just a part of what you can taste and what will bring you new and rich flavors, aromas, scents, colors and textures. Along with a wine list that will fully complement already tasted flavors, as well as the books and numerous cookbooks that’ll give you all the domestic recipes – you will have your own worlds and dimensions in which flavors intertwine with enchant colors and seductive textures.

An unusual and unique blend of a restaurant and bookstore awaits you at Bookeria Restaurant, which in its name preserves the secret ingredient of its specific gastronomic delicacies – books that in combination with fine wines and specialties of restaurant’s cuisine, create a truly special and unique experience.