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Adriatic mackerel tartare – sophisticated taste of the sea depths

September 19, 2019

The flavors of Mediterranean cuisine are the result of numerous recipes from the top chefs at the Bookeria Restaurant. In addition to the traditional ways of presenting the Adriatic seafood, as well as creating familiar but truly incredible flavors, seafood also offers a diverse array of new ways of processing and preparing fish dishes that will completely win you over. Thus, the Bookeria Restaurant has flavors that will definitely entice you – especially if you choose to try Adriatic mackerel tartar.

The Mediterranean delicacy is sure to be an excellent presentation of the whole fish menu. The quality and freshness of the mackerel are the main components that greatly influence the final dish, as well as the selection of appropriate spices that will truly highlight the flavors of the fish and all its nuances with completely new notes of unique flavors. By preparing this seafood specialty, the exquisite skills of Bookeria chefs are truly emphasized, as well as their enviable gastronomic knowledge that guides them creatively and innovatively when creating new and truly special flavors that will enthrall all your senses!

Mackerel, one of the most prized fish in the Adriatic, is an ideal ingredient to create a variety of dishes. Its unique yet truly sophisticated taste makes tartar a specialty that will delight gastronomes as well as their refined palates. The chefs of Bookeria Restaurant will gladly prepare this delicacy to seduce all your senses, but also to get you to know the new and truly specific and sophisticated flavors of the Adriatic sea depths.