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Octopus carpaccio – a unique, delicious and healthy dish

September 5, 2019

Seafood is a unique ingredient – not only of summer cuisine, but also throughout the year – which with its aromatic taste truly represents the royal cuisine of real gourmets and their palates. Various types of seafood – each of which may differ only by the hue or perhaps the whole range of new flavors – form the basis of numerous restaurants that can certainly boast an enviable number of fish recipes. And one of those restaurants is the Bookeria Restaurant in Rovinj.

Many fish sequences are made under the expert hands of the chefs of this restaurant, and one of their specialties is certainly the octopus carpaccio! Carpaccio is a well-known method of preparing various delicacies and specialties that traditionally come from Italy and refers to foods such as fish or meat that are served rawly. Of fish dishes, octopus carpaccio is a true specialty of Mediterranean cuisine!

Octopus, some lemon juice, salt and pepper, as well as the indispensable olive oil – just a few extra ingredients and spices are enough to emphasize all the nuances of this delicacy whose juicy and delicious aromas will completely seduce you! The freshness and quality of the food are, of course, in the first place, and this is what forms the basis of this amazing specialty!

Bookeria Restaurant is guided by the idea of ​​creating traditional dishes in a modern and unique way – and it is presented with their octopus carpaccio recipe! Unique and delicious, but also a healthy dish, represents this seafood royal cuisine that few can resist! The flavors of this specialty are prepared to highlight all the nuances and truly represent the sea depths of the most delicious seafood!