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Crème brûlée – perfect summer dessert

August 29, 2019

As the elderly always says – the end of August and the beginning of September make the most beautiful summer days. Warm weather and refreshing sea are still in demand, as are the summer delicacies that spice them up. That’s why it’s very important to choose the perfect dessert to complete the entire gourmet experience. Although everybody often turns to ice cream, why not try new desserts whose flavors will delight and truly sweeten already tasted menu? Bookeria Restaurant has a great idea – why not try their Crème brûlée?

It’s a classic dessert of French cuisine that is simple and refined, and is known for its caramelized and crunchy dressing with hidden silky cream – which will truly excite your palate. Bookeria Restaurant offers you this unique dessert to round up the entire experience and put an exclamation point at the end of a truly amazing Bookeria menu!

The sweet notes perfectly complement tasted main course and with the right wine to pair well with Crème brûlée, you will truly enjoy this dessert lavish in texture and rich in harmonious flavors.

After a great sequence of top-quality prepared and tasted plates, it’s quite important to choose a consistent dessert – Crème brûlée is a treat that Bookeria chefs are happy to prepare to give their guest golden and sweet caramel flavors, and its creamy interior that captivates every palate! The first bites of this dessert will make it truly an indispensable part of your desired menu!