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Refreshing summer salads

July 19, 2019

Restaurant Bookeria is known for its innovative recipes based on fresh and healthy foods

The offer of summer salads in Bookeria is an unrivaled source of inspiration for all lovers of healthy side orders,while the varied combination will complement the rich and original menu of this top-notch Rovinj restaurant. For salad lunch, except the side order, such as a salad, tomato salad or mixed salad, you can choose from an interesting selection of rye salads. Caesar salad with chicken, parmesan and crispy bacon, and a salad with tuna, black and cherry tomatoes, or avocado salad with feta cheese is an excellent choice for summer refreshment on the picturesque terrace of Bookeria. The evening offer of the salad has exotic tones, so you will find rich fillings of green salad butter with avocado and feta cheese or rocket with walnuts and Trapist cheese.

Restaurant Bookeria is otherwise known for its innovative recipes exclusively based on fresh and healthy foods, and the selected approach of choosing only the best of the best continuously improves the quality of top-quality dishes. In addition to the top quality local and international dishes menu, Bookeria Restaurant provides a unique experience in the beautiful ambience of the terrace in the center of the city, located on the old Roman streets accompanied by the urban rhythm of the city. While waiting for your favorite meal, check out one of the many cooks or books that are an indispensable part of this unique restaurant, a well-known literary collector, from which he constantly draws ideas for the names of his original recipes. Treat your senses with a superb culinary experience and go to the Bookeria this summer, an indispensable place of Rovinj’s gastronomic offer.