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Tuna Libre and ravioli with scallops – perfection of sea flavors with every bite_eg

June 5, 2018

In order to provide our guests with truly unforgettable gourmet experience, here at restaurant Bookeria we always search for new ways of pleasing your senses by experimenting with different recipes and ingredients. Our menu includes juicy meat dishes, homemade pasta, various vegetarian meals, but also many fish specialties and seafood delicacies prepared in a creative and a unique way. Hot appetizer – ravioli with scallops, and main course – Tuna Libre, are a combination that will most certainly impress you, both visually, and on the palate.

Scallops, in Istria also called “capesante”, are one of the most valued varieties of shellfish in the Adriatic Sea, and combined with homemade ravioli they represent a creative mixture of traditional and modern Mediterranean cuisine. On the other hand, Tuna Libre is a non-typical combination of tasty roasted tuna meat marinated in Havana Especial rum and rosemary, usually served with avocado cream, capers and sautéed tomatoes.

Those who like fish and seafood dishes know how important the freshness of ingredients is and here at Bookeria restaurant we always prepare dishes only from the fresh fish and seafood which is coming into our kitchen directly from the sea.

Discover the magic behind the tasty Mediterranean cuisine with specialties and delicacies of Bookeria restaurant – visit us in the heart of the beautiful city of Rovinj and treat yourself with gastro adventure you and your senses will certainly remember.